The Target Instrumentation Repeater Set (TIRS) provides the first and true, rangeless Tactical Engagement Simulation training system. The TIRS is a dual-purpose instrumentation set designed to be setup and operated in two different configurations and modes. The TIRS can be configured to operate in a target simulation mode that interacts with other instrumented weapons systems, or configured to operate as a telemetry repeater for relaying information over large areas.  

Additional TIRS can be installed on vehicles to provide a mobile Opposing Force for increased difficulty. The TIRS operation and functionality is controlled by the internal SMODIM. In repeater mode the TIRS relays telemetry data from any ICE instrumented player and other TIRS, to each other and to remotely located MCC or EXCON. The Instrumentation Power Supply (IPS) supplies power when there is no vehicle or AC power available and can provide up to 12 hours of operation when fully charged.