The MFOM Weapon Simulator A1 (MWSA1) uses the latest developments in technology to be compatible with the M270, M270A1, and HIMARS MLRS platforms.The simulator is designed for current and future munitions capability.

The MWSA1 presently simulates the Basic M26, Extended Range, Reduced Range Practice Rockets, Guided-MLRS, as well as the U.S. Army TACMS Block I, Block IA, Block II, and unitary warhead missiles.

The MWSA1 munitions capabilities are expanded to simulate the ATACMS T2K and FMS missiles. The MWSA1 responds to all mode sequences executed during pre-launch and launch operations. In particular, the MWSA1 exercises the launcher tactical circuits and software in the same manner as a live round, thereby rendering it transparent to the launcher Fire Control System (FCS). The MWSA1 is compact and rugged, and designed to fit inside a single launch tube of a training rocket pod.