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The MANWORN II DPU provides real-time player position location and status information with continuous, hands-free updates through wireless telemetry networks.



The Manworn II - Dismounted Player Unit (DPU) is a flexible,
state-of-the-art Position Tracking system suitable for Individual through Brigade level Force-On-Force training. As a stand-alone, deployable training capability or as part of a large exercise architecture, the MANWORN II provides reliable tracking performance in demanding environments, with high positioning accuracy, low power consumption, and continuous, hands-free updates through TESS telemetry networks.

ManwornThe DPU is similar in size and weight to the PRC-112 survival radio. It operates continuously for 96 hours and is designed to MIL-STD-810F specifications.

Each DPU is easily programmable with a distinct asset ID tag and includes LED indicators for Built-In Test (BIT), battery level, GPS sync, distress mode, and network indication.

A Greenlinks processor establishes the DPU as the central component for a Personal Area Network (PAN). The Greenlinks radio is approved by the Army Spectrum Management Office (ASMO) for use on military installations in the Continental U.S.

The DPU affiliates with the MILES Individual Weapons System (IWS), Wireless MILES Detectors (WMD), Wireless Shootback Laser (WSBL) and Wireless-Small Arms Transmitter (W-SAT) to provide OPFOR and Real-Time Casualty Assessment (RTCA). The MANWORN DPU also affiliates with the IPU to provide a higher-level Vehicle Area Network (VAN) for mounted and multi-echelon training.

The DPU has a wireless telemetry transmission of up to 96 miles Line-of-Sight (LOS), and utilizes Frequency Agile® spread spectrum technology for successful Radio Frequency (RF) transmission and immunity to interfering signals. The telemetry network supports up to 150 DPUs with a 2 second report rate.