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Ground Combat Vehicle Training systems enables true, simulated replication of live, tactical engagements while providing instrumentation for Force-on-Force weapons engagement at Combat Training Centers, Homestations, and Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) and deployed environments.

Ground Combat Vehicle Training systems provide real-time monitoring of maneuvers and weapon events of each instrumented player while recording performance data for After Action Review. Ground Combat Vehicle Training Systems are easily configured for mobile usage on common vehicles and can be customized for specific system applications.

Ground Combat Vehicle Training includes the following:


The ITAS-TESS Field Training System (FTS) is a laser-based, wireless system designed to conduct simulated weapons engagement during individual and collective force-on-force training missions. The ITAS-TESS FTS provides the capability for the Warfighter to train with the TOW anti-tank weapon system and conduct weapons engagements using normal tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

The ITM replicates the weight, center of gravity, and handling of the actual TOW missile. The ITM provides audible and visible indication of a simulated missile launch using an ATWESS pyrotechnics device.

The FCS-DM receives power, laser range data, missile type, and trigger indications from the weapons FCS, and transmits this data wirelessly to the IPU.

The LMU is a small, sealed module (2x4x5 in.) comprised of a MILES laser and an eye-safe boresight laser. An LCD displays system status, BIT data, far target location, ammunition status, ARM, and SAFE indications.

ITAS-TESS employes Vehicle Area Network (VAN) capability by integrating the TOW launcher and Wireless Laser Sensors (WLS) to the Instrumentation Player Unit (IPU).  TOW engagements are adjudicated via MILES laser pairings.  Training event data is passively collected and telemetered to the Improved Mobile Command and Control (IMCC). 


The Missile Simulation Round – Anti-tank Weapon Effects Signature Simulation (MSR-ATWESS) training system provides Saber crews with a procedural drill training system. The MSR-ATWESS provides replication of firing a live round by using a M22 ATWESS cartridge loaded into the ATWESS device. The system will also support dry fire engagements when an ATWESS cartridge is not loaded into the MSR.

The MSR-ATWESS consists of a Fire Control System Data Module (FCSDM), an MSR and cables. The FCSDM interfaces with the Saber Fire Control System (FCS) for obtaining fire data. The MSR replicates the TOW missile, providing audible and visible indications of a simulated missile launch using a pyrotechnic device (ATWESS cartridge).


The Convoy Situational Training EXercise (C-STX) or Convoy Live Fire EXercise (CLFX or LFX) Kit is a highly adaptable concept rooted in the requirement for Force-on-Force that precedes actual Live Fire training. The Convoy Operations training is focused on replicating the rigors of the Contemporary Operational Environment (COE) that soldiers face while performing operations.

The Convoy LFX Kit provides Real Time Position/Location (P/L) and vehicle status report rate, a telemetric network whose size, through the use of repeaters, can be measured in 100’s of kilometers, realistic audio cues, and a MILES 904nm detection system.


The OPFOR Vehicle Kit can be installed on HMMWVs to provide an effective OPFOR element in TESS exercises. The Kit incorporates a gun laser that emits MILES code and provides 'shootback' capability for OPFOR vehicles engaging equipped aircraft or other ground vehicles.


The Ground Instrumentation Set (GIS) provides the capability for an Opposing Force (OPFOR) HMMWV vehicle to operate in the TESS training. The GIS contains a Smart On-board Data Interface Module (SMODIM) that interfaces with MILES sensor belts and lasers, a Vehicle Kill Indicator (VKI), Global Positioning System (GPS), antenna assemblies, and a TESS Ground Laser (TGL) that provides the player with a “hit”, “near miss”, “kill” and “resurrect” capability. The GIS has a shoot back capability provided by the use of the MILES training laser to simulate a gun. The vehicle battery provides power for the system.


The optional Telemetry Repeater extends the training maneuver area to link operational areas over extended distances. The Telemetry Repeater is a mobile self-contained system designed for easy installation and remote operation. All components are contained within a ruggedized carrying case housing a repeating transceiver, Instrumentation Power Supply (IPS), power converter, radio diplexer, GPS antenna, associated cables and brackets.

The Telemetry Repeater operates for 24-hours from an internal, rechargeable battery. Additionally, solar panels can be used to recharge the internal battery for continuous remote operations. These lightweight systems are one-man portable and can be placed almost anywhere. The repeater transit case is equipped with an antenna mount to support the telemetry antenna. The antenna can be mounted to the side of the case or moved up to 80 feet away for better reception.


The Target Instrumentation Set (TIS) is a self-contained visual simulation tank target (Tank In A Bag (TIAB) and Target Instrumentation Box (TIB) which provides low-cost, realistic ground force targets for TESS training. The TIS records position and weapon engagement data and reports target status over the Home Station radio network.

The TIAB target is instrumented with laser sensor belts to support laser/MILES engagements during training exercises. The TIS visual/radar signature can be enhanced to obtain an Infrared (IR) signature by applying a heat source at the target.

The TIB is an instrumentation set for the TIS that records position and weapons engagement data and transmits MILES event data to the MCC system. The TIB enables the user to quickly instrument TIAB players as targets with a “be killed” capability. The TIB can be placed in a vehicle to provide a mobile target. The TIB includes a SMODIM, a Vehicle Kill Indicator (VKI), MILES compatible laser detector sensor belts, GPS, Instrumentation Power Supply (IPS), and a telemetry antenna.


The Target Instrumentation Repeater Set (TIRS) provides the first and true, rangeless Tactical Engagement Simulation training system. The TIRS is a dual-purpose instrumentation set designed to be setup and operated in two different configurations and modes. The TIRS can be configured to operate in a target simulation mode that interacts with other instrumented weapons systems; or configured to operate as a telemetry repeater for relaying information over large areas. 

Additional TIRS can be installed on vehicles to provide a mobile Opposing Force (OPFOR) for increased difficulty. The TIRS operation and functionality are controlled by the internal SMODIM. In repeater mode, the TIRS relays telemetry data from any instrumented player and other TIRS, to each other, and to remotely located MCC or EXCON. The Instrumentation Power Supply (IPS) provides power when there is no vehicle or AC power available, and provides up to 12 hours of operation when fully charged.