Common requirements of our Military and Government customers are Reliability, Configuration Control, Logistical Support, Product Operation and Technical Support Training and Documentation. We support requirements to MIL-STD-45208A and MIL-STD-9858A quality standards. ICE understands these requirements and has recorded proven success for providing these services.

Data Acquisition systems are utilized to route and capture audio and Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum information in airborne and ground applications requiring ruggedized, reliable operation. Real-time Data Loggers capture, record, and provide data for later analysis.

These products are also utilized in specialized, ground-based replay and analysis applications where compatibility with the archiving system is required. The ruggedized data acquisition hardware and software adapts to simple or sophisticated applications, and are field proven in extreme environments.

A series of complex Data Acquisition systems has been developed to meet customer, critical requirements to inlcude: