Instrumented Training poster

TESS is used by the U.S. Army at all three Combat Training Centers (CTCs), Home Stations, and deployed locations.



Collective Training Systems (CTS) are a family of compatible engagement capabilities that simulate actions and effects of combat weapon systems in live training environments. CTS provides capabilities to analyze personnel and equipment performance during and after Collective Training exercises.

The Tactical Engagement Simulation System (TESS) engages players in realistic combat training exercises. Proven instrumentation integrates with aircraft, ground vehicles, targets and dismounted troops to create a Collective Training exercise.

TESS comprises player instrumentation, GPS equipped player units, and portable communication systems that are integrated with a software-based, Exercise Control (EXCON) system. These technologies track and record position location, maneuvers and casualty status in real time, and relay exercise data to command centers for analysis and After Action Review (AAR).

TESS supports combat training exercises while providing Force-on-Force and Force-on-Target training using normal Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and weapon engagements without firing a round.
TESS can be tailored for single unit operations, or integrated into Collective Training events including individual and crew to brigade level operations. This responsive system provides realistic training for pre-deployment, sustainment, recovery and re-certification.

MAJOR PLAYERS AND COMPONENTS include Aviation, Air Defense, Artillery and Ground Combat.